Heart Talk

Blood pressure chronicles and the New Orleans connection

Atlas Psychiatry

Nicholas G. Pejic, MD • Laura Niditch, PhD • Emily Carrington, LCSW

LSU Plastic Surgery

Dr. Hugo St. Hilaire, MD, DDS, FACS is LSU Chief of Plastic Surgery and specializes in Craniofacial and Microsurgery Breast reconstruction, and also holds the distinction of both a medical doctorate (MD) and a doctorate in dental surgery (DDS). Dr.…

Crescent City Physicians

Ellen Zakris, MD • Rebecca Perret, MD • Salvador Caputto, MD • Donna Waters, MD • Christopher Lege, MD • Pui “Joan” Cheng, MD • Louis Paul DuTreil, MD • Not pictured: Richard Vanlangendonck, MD • William Von Almen, MD

LSU Cardiology Associates

LSU Cardiology is composed of 10 full-time cardiologists in all subspecialities of Cardiovascular Diseases. In concert with the scientists of the LSU Cardiovascular Center of Excellence, LSU has emerged as an international leader in the field of Heart and Vascular…

Orthopedic Center for Sports Medicine

Orthopedic Center for Sports Medicine (OCSM) is a center of excellence dedicated to providing the highest quality care for patients and athletes with musculoskeletal injuries and disease. Drs. Murphy, Lyons, Espinoza, and Sherman are fellowship-trained and board certified orthopedic surgeons.…

Retina Associates New Orleans

Ronald Willson, MD, FACS • Gerald Cohen, MD, FACS • Gwen Cousins, MD, FACS • Stanislav Zhuk, MD, FACS • Kathy H Ta, MD