MG Beyond The Beads

S2, Episode 8: The Pussyfooters Party with a Purpose

  Take a trip down the Pussyfooter's parade route with Laura Cayouette, actress and long-time member of the dance krewe. We'll dance our way through the importance of the female dance krewes, how they "party with a purpose" and some…

S2, Episode 7: Krewe du Vieux

  Krewe du Vieux has been making merry in New Orleans for many years. This year, they have adapted to COVID in typically tasteless fashion.    

S2, Episode 3: The Music of Carnival

In this episode, Rich acts as "Mardi Gras Beyond The Beads" musical director, and with Errol explores the music behind the greatest free show on Earth.

S2, Episode 2: COVID Carnival

In this episode, Errol Laborde and Rich Collins take a look at how the coronavirus has impacted Carnival in 2021 and what this means for the future of Carnival in New Orleans.

Season 2, Ep. 1: Carnival Around The World

It will be a different Carnival this year, not just in New Orleans but the world, as people are forced to wear different types of masks. Still, the traditions survive, if only in memory.  Carnival expert Errol Laborde, with interviewer…