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Tom Cox

"i will inspire others to start their own business."

Kimberly Boudreaux

"i will give hope to those in need"

Tara Shaw

"i will believe in my city and grow my business"

Robert Bories

"i will provide for future generations in the community."

Tab Damiens & Michelle Hennessey

"i will continue to move my business forward"

Peggy & Aaron Selber

"i will teach the next generation about giving back"

Pat LeBlanc

"i will make New Orleans my home"

Patty Selber Newton & Penny Selber Autenreith

"i will pass along the spirit of giving back"

Mary Jane Becker

Mary Jane Becker Bookkeeper/Community Volunteer Education: Dominican High School; Bachelors of Education at Loyola University Family: Husband,...

Anne Grace

Anne Grace Volunteer/Fundraiser   Education: Metairie Park Country Day School; associate degree at Pine Manor College; Bachelor...

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