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Living in self-quarantine isn’t always fun when living in the Big Easy. In fact, spending all day in the house can be stressful, as men, women and children quickly grow restless. Employment may come into question and social distancing leaves many on edge. There are only so many hours you can watch Netflix and even the dog is getting sick of taking walks. In other words, cabin fever is building up. Fortunately, there are 5 smart, simple and safe techniques, like ordering CBD online, for the people of New Orleans to handle the stress of self-isolation during the coronavirus outbreak.

1. CBD Oil Tinctures

When it comes to mental and physical relaxation, CBD oil tinctures are known to help people chill out. Whether you are dealing with obnoxious children or just trying to fall asleep, the best CBD products on the market put the mind and the body at ease. While CBD edibles, including popular CBD Gummies, are certainly fun and tasty, powerful tinctures take effect much faster. After all, the CBD is dropped into one’s mouth and swiftly absorbed into the blood. All the mental, physical and emotional stress of the pandemic fade away with the top CBD merchandise. Managing our daily stressors in this scary time couldn’t be any easier or cost-effective.

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2. Rely on Mother Nature

The outdoors can be a breath of fresh air, especially for those stuck indoors for days at a time. Take a stroll outside, either with the dog or simply your iPod. If you reside in a busy urban community, you can always do your best to bring Mother Nature into your home. You can start with opening the windows for some fresh air. Right away, your home will feel roomier. Buy plants to freshen up the place, even if you have to order them online. When stuck on the couch, forget Tiger King. Instead, try watching informative documentaries that focus on animals and our planet, rather than disturbing individuals.

3. Redecorate

Now that you finally have time on your hands, you can rearrange the furniture in your home. Move the bed under the window and place the big screen TV on the other side of the room. Little changes can immediately make a home feel different, larger and more habitable. Doing something as small as tossing out an old coffee table or moving an extra chair to the garage can make an environment feel much more spacious. Swap out old artwork for new photos that put a smile on your face. Experiment with everything from lamps to table settings until you find the right aesthetics for your residence.

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4. Connect with Others Online

Since we all began using social media, we have learned to share personal stories, photos and videos with others. Sometimes it’s with old friends, family members or simply folks with common interests, whether its political opinions or love for Led Zeppelin. Whatever the case may be, you can fight off loneliness by scheduling a regular time to socialize on the web. While sending emails and chatting on the phone can be constructive, there is something soothing in seeing familiar faces during conversations. Video chats are certainly more fun too. At the same time, opening up to others about your fears and frustrations over COVID-19 can be a bonding experience between you and your loved ones.

5. Don’t Take Any Chances

Finally, you must always be conscience of our health. Listen to Uncle Sam and respect the rules of social distancing. If you must go out, cover up. Do your part to help prevent the coronavirus from spreading in your community. No one said getting through this epidemic will be easy, but at least we can take the proper steps to minimize our risks.

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