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Feet First: For a picnic, take a bag filled with takeout from Briquette, fill shoes with flowers and have favors for friends.

Everyone is staying at home and ordering out, so I decided to go to some of our favorite advertisers to create parties outside! We all should get creative and support our small businesses. Please visit websites of Feet First, Home Malone, Starr Hagenbring, Judy at the Rink and Betty Hunley to see the items we featured.


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Starr Hagenbring / Art & Eyes: Create a picnic at City Park with a wrap from Starr, flowers in an olive jar from Italy and takeout from Cajun Caviar.


Bev 0022
Home Malone: The pirogue holds a giant flower, wine, a crab and crawfish door hanger and hydrangeas. Now you’re ready for your seafood soirée for backyard fun! Thanks to Betty Hunley Designs for the invitations!


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Judy at the Rink: Plan dinner by the pool and use the best items from Teri Walker and Chad Ridgeway, favors from JAX and worry beads from Ann Lee Stephens.