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Celebrity Fitness Secrets Revealed

Dear Guys,
I have been working out and eating more healthily but I’m putting on weight, not losing it! How are all these celebrities like Jennifer Hudson able to shed the pounds?


Scales Can Lie: Scales measure everything: muscle, bone, water, internal organs, etc. So, gaining a few extra pounds isn’t necessarily bad if you’re putting on muscle.

Measure Your Body Fat: Consider getting a body fat measurement using calipers, which literally pinch and measure the fat on your body. You can then work toward a healthy muscle-to-fat ratio.

Aim for 1-2 Pounds of Body Fat Loss Per Week: To lose one pound of fat you need to burn 3,500 more calories than you take in. For most people, it’s only possible to lose one to two pounds of fat per week. Even if you follow a diet that promises you’ll lose 10 pounds in seven days, it’s physically impossible for all of that to be fat. What you’re really losing is water, glycogen (a chemical in your body) and muscle.

Red Carpet Cheats: Many A-listers will admit that prior to a big event they’ll go on fasts and cleanses.Gwyneth Paltrow has talked about eating only green juices and salads three days before a big red carpet event.

Celebrity Diet and Exercise Regimes: As for celebrities who seem to be dropping dress sizes by the day, the majority of them are following basically the same plan.

First it starts with sticking to the food basics: lots of protein, pulses (peas, beans and lentils) and vegetables, around five times a day.

Then they work out. Take Paltrow again, she’s said that she works out for an hour and half, five days a week. For big events she ramps it up to six days a week at two hours a day.

For most people that kind of workout schedule is unrealistic – and, actually, unnecessary. Twenty minutes of cardio will do the trick, especially if you use intervals where you work out really hard for two minutes then moderately for one.

After your cardio burst, make sure you do at least 20 minutes of strength training for muscle strength.

Look At Your Results: The best way to measure your results is by asking yourself how you look and feel. How are your clothes fitting? Do you feel leaner? Do your muscles feel firmer? Has your cardiovascular fitness improved?

Kick Off A New Plan: If you’re still not seeing the results you’re looking for, seek help. You don’t need to be stuck in a rut. Go and visit a trainer or sign up to a new online fitness plan. Discuss your frustrations and limitations to set new goals. Match them to a strong diet and fitness program. Then get going with it and enjoy the results!

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