Chad Graci

Owner & Designer, Graci Interiors

Interior designer Chad Graci strives to avoid the confines of current design trends. The Graci Interiors owner said he would much rather create a space that transcends the moment.

“The ultimate goal is to produce something that feels timeless, collected, and very much in the spirit of the client,” he said. “You never want it to feel overly decorated or brand new. You really want to feel like it’s been there, and it will always be there.”

Graci said he always strives to marry the client’s vision to his own, and he relies on his years of expertise to execute the finished product. That process actually begins at the budgeting table, Graci said. 

No matter the size of the project, even the smallest details can make a finished space feel dated, Graci said.
“You should never be able to walk into a room and pinpoint which decade or era the decor was completed in,” he said. “A lampshade can date a room so quickly.”

“If everybody has a clear idea of a budget early on, whether you add to it or something changes, I think it’s the best way for clients to actually be able to get everything that they want,” he said. “It helps us create a framework of where to shop and what to source.”

Graci points to a penthouse he designed in One River Place as an example of all the parts and pieces coming together to create a timeless design that really matched the client’s expectations. 

“It really was a challenge and a joy to work on all at the same time, if that’s possible,” he said. “I’m still very proud of how that turned out.”

The clients for the penthouse were both friends, and everyone involved worked together to create a real showplace. That sense of teamwork and collaboration was key to the project’s success. 

“You have to listen first,” Graci said. “And listening at the beginning and throughout the project is so important. I feel like a lot of designers forget to listen to their clients when they are developing a plan.”

Chad Graci

Graci Interiors, 1055 St. Charles Ave., Suite 222,, Instagram: @graciinteriors

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