Changemakers: Ashley Ledet


By giving floral arrangements from weddings and other events a second life, Bons Temps Blooms brings joy to people throughout New Orleans while providing a green, sustainable service. Here’s what Founder Ashley Ledet had to say about her creative and uplifting organization.

While working as an assistant wedding planner in college, Ashley Ledet was devastated to see all the flowers going into the trash at the end of the night. At the time, she brought some of the blooms back to campus for her fellow students to enjoy. Now, with her organization Bons Temps Blooms, Ledet delivers these event flowers to local hospice and nursing homes to help brighten the residents’ living space.

“The push to pick up at this point in life came from the pandemic, because so many folks in hospice centers and nursing homes were isolated,” says Ledet. This past spring, Ledet connected with a few weddings and brought the flowers to St. Joseph’s Hospice Center. They were a hit with the residents. “Flowers were able to bring them a smile and bringing joy and smiles to others has been a great success.”

Bons Temps Blooms is currently looking to partner with more events that use flowers, such as weddings or corporate gatherings, to source more floral arrangements. In addition, Ledet is open to more volunteers (aka “flower friends”) to help arrange and deliver flowers. Lastly, Ledet would like to partner with more florists who can recommend Bons Temps Blooms to clients, so they know this option is available for using flowers after the event.

“Keep the Bons Temps blooming one bouquet at a time and keep going green!” says Ledet.

Get Involved

If you’re having an event with flowers, reach out to Bons Temps Blooms directly and Ledet will contact you soon afterward. Currently, Bons Temps Blooms works with St. Joseph’s Hospice Center, and Ledet is always open to more connections. Reach out through email at, or on Facebook or Instagram @BonsTempsBlooms.


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