Fulfilling a lifelong goal to run a bookstore, Candice Huber opened Tubby & Coo’s in 2014. With a focus on science fiction, fantasy, queer and diverse books (including children’s books), the shop promotes inclusivity for authors and readers alike.

A curated bookstore, Tubby & Coo’s offers everything from engrossing fantasy series to fresh young adult reads. Readers just might discover their new favorite author among the shop’s carefully chosen collection of books.

The shop’s unique name has personal meaning for Huber. “Tubby and Coo were my grandparents, and they grew up in Mid-City in the 1920s and 1930s,” says Huber. “They were both huge inspirations to me and lovers of books and reading, and I always said if I ever actually opened a store it would be in their old neighborhood and I would name it after them. So, here we are.” That early exposure to reading clearly affected Huber, who’s dedicated to helping others share their own stories. “Every voice deserves to be heard, and we work to build a world where all voices are equally important,” Huber says.

In addition to their role as a bookseller, Huber also views the shop as a “community center for nerds, geeks, queer folk, witchy folk, romance readers and anyone who doesn’t feel supported elsewhere.” And it looks like that goal has been fulfilled. “Our biggest success has come from the way we’ve been able to build a terrific local community surrounding the store and in the ways that we’ve been able to serve that community, whether through donating books for the holiday adopt-a-family program, filling community fridges, partnering with local organizations or offering free space (before COVID and again in the future when it’s safe) for community groups to meet and be in fellowship,” says Huber. “I’m extremely proud of the community we’re a part of.” Although the pandemic has temporarily paused these gatherings, the shop will host events once it’s safe to gather in crowds again.

Deeply rooted in the New Orleans community, Tubby & Coo’s makes celebrating the geek life accessible for everyone.


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To help support Tubby & Coo’s (432 N. Anthony St.), readers are welcome to order online at, purchase a gift card, purchase audiobooks at and download e-books through In addition, there’s a virtual tip jar on the first page of their website.