Looking for a way to cope with postpartum depression following the birth of her child in 2016, M-Tisha Dillon-Hall began painting to relax and calm her mind. In time, she decided to help others find solace through artistic expression as well. “With mental health services and art classes being cut in Louisiana, combined with my love for children, I knew that I had to target the youth in our communities,” says Dillon-Hall. “With this idea in mind, Kidz Kreationz was formed in 2018.” By offering mobile painting parties for children, Dillon-Hall is able to introduce young people to the therapeutic benefits of art.

One such opportunity presented itself while partnering with a local elementary school. “So far, working with GreenPark Elementary in Jefferson Parish has been one of my biggest successes,” says Dillon-Hall. “It gave me the opportunity to give back to my community and allow the children to take a break from the stress of school to simply enjoy themselves. It showed them that their hard work and dedication to their classwork wasn’t unnoticed.” Dillon-Hall hopes to transform the company into an after-school program that offers art therapy within the next year or so.

Like everyone else, Dillon-Hall had to find creative ways to deal with COVID-19 and shutdowns. She opened a subsection to Kidz Kreationz, a nonprofit organization named Nolaz Kreative Kidz, offering children the opportunity to participate in community service. “When the pandemic hit, I supplied masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and treats in what I called ‘safety bags,’ to local schools and communities,” she says. It’s clear this creative entrepreneur is determined to help her city in so many inspiring ways.


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