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What to do before your “I Dos” – 9 tips for your time.

1. 10-12 months before your wedding compare calendars with your fiancé and your respective families and set a tentative date.

2. As soon as he’s popped the question, begin a workout regime with a trained professional so that you can safely look your best when all eyes are upon you.

3. Find your music six to nine months out. Begin searching online, calling friends whose wedding music you liked and researching what your reception and wedding venues can support. Then sign a contract with the musician, DJ or band that makes your toes tap the most.

4. Four to five months before the big day take him shopping – for wedding bands! Choose the ones that suit your tastes the most, and don’t forget to think about engraving – now is the time.

5. Candles? Baskets? Ring pillow or box? Three to four months before your wedding is the time to decide on and purchase wedding accessories.

6. Are you thinking about writing your own wedding vows or notes to each other to open before the ceremony? One to two months before is the time to start writing those down and making sure the words you choose are the ones that most reflect your feelings.

7. Remember to give back to those who are sharing this day with you. Three weeks to a month before the day, purchase gifts for your attendants and anyone else you want to make feel extra special.

8. Love Helvetica? Hate Comic Sans? Designing and finalizing your wedding program is your chance to place your font foot firmly on paper, and the time to do that is three weeks to a month before.

9. The day before your wedding, book a relaxing massage for you and your fiancé. Wedding planning and the run up to the big day can be stressful, so take this time to relax and concentrate on what’s truly important.

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