Executive Chef Guy D. Sockrider, C.E.C. began his career mentoring under a chef formally trained, and a master in his own right, in the art of Haute Cuisine.  Upon discovering his passion for the culinary arts at such an early age, Guy Sockrider began perfecting his technique toward this style of culinary philosophy.  He decided to be taught by other culinary masters that revered this philosophy as well.  On his path of education he also was trained in the arts of Nouvelle Cuisine and regional American Cuisine


Chef Sockrider has over 30 years of experience.  Before accepting the appointment at Tomas Bistro he has held a position of Executive Chef for the second largest hotel in Orange County, California, which accommodated guests to maximum capacity with 402 rooms. Chef Sockrider supervised approximately 4400 meals per day from an Haute French Restaurant, a classical Japanese Restaurant, a 24–hour café, large scale banquets, and room service.  Guy has also held the position of Executive Chef in La Jolla, in one of California’s most revered restaurants, receiving three toques from Gault Millau and a Top restaurant Award from Zagat.  This venture was a formal, Haute French restaurant with a second outlet serving contemporary California cuisine.  In Guy’s time there the restaurant received numerous reviews and awards and profitability increased well beyond the owner’s expectations.


Guy’s key strengths are establishing and administrating standards, policies and procedures, business planning, menu development, purchasing, and staff development.  Guy is also strong in analyzing needs and goals, is able to envison new concepts and future trends and to follow through with successful development, direction and accomplishment with a highly publicized record of success.


On a personal level, Guy is ambitious, energetic, extremely well presented, and well respected by his peers. 


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