Chocolate Bliss

After our beloved mayor caused an international controversy with his remarks about our “chocolate city,” the word itself became a little touchy. But chocolate is too delicious to really dwell on that for long. In addition to being the go-to comfort food for countless people, dark chocolate has proven health benefits if consumed in moderation. If that weren’t reason enough to indulge, this is: Sept. 13 is International Chocolate Day.

I’m not really a sentimental person when it comes to holidays. I think Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are sweet but contrived holidays, and though I will of course send cards to Nana, Pops, Gigi and Grandpa, I think the same of Grandparent’s Day (Sept. 7). Other holidays I really can’t understand are National Play-Doh Day (Sept. 16), International Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19) and Elephant Appreciation Day (Sept. 22). I know this is a town that loves any excuse to celebrate, but lines have to be drawn somewhere!

International Chocolate Day, however? That’s a holiday I think we all can get behind. 

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