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When Sandy Staub was a little girl she told everyone she wanted to be a doctor but her life took a different turn. In 1979, she graduated from LSU with a bachelor’s degree in interior design. She is now a partner in Chrestia Staub Pierce and designs corporate offices, banking facilities, hotels and restaurants.
Her first job as an interior designer was with Interior Planning Associates, a division of Perez Architects. It was there she meet her future business partner, John Chrestia. She believes it’s also where she learned to work with architects and contractors and how to be a team member, which is still essential to her business.

“Our office today works together as a team to move projects through the office,” she says. “The associates and staff each bring individual talents and experience to the company. We incorporate a ‘team-approach,’ the principals give personal attention to each project.”

Chrestia Staub Pierce is based in New Orleans, but the firm works on projects throughout the United States. The business offers everything from historical research to art consultation.

When she’s not busy with designs and clients, she enjoys laughing and spending time with her family and sipping an occasional glass of great wine.
She’s found many perfect pieces for her clients, but her favorite piece of furniture in her own house is her bed.

“It’s pretty, I read there, pay bills, watch TV,” she says. “I feel safe there.”

Staub finds her inspiration from the world around her and gets much of her inspiration from her travels.

“Whether it is an interior space, a building, a piece of art or a garden,” says Staub. “Design is everywhere you look.”

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