Proprietor, Oleander on Royal
Jeffery Johnston

How did you come to open Oleander on Royal? The opportunity to open a gallery popped up and I had to jump at a lifelong dream.

What makes you different from everyone else? Our lifestyle curating. I want to show people how they can live with art in their homes and plan on reflecting that in this space.

Why Royal Street? Royal Street is an iconic street, known for its galleries. As a resident of the French Quarter, I tire of the stores with crawfish-scented candles that keep popping up. It’s an opportunity to change tourists’ opinions about New Orleans.

Tell us about your favorite pieces? A bandaged tuba by Jerin Beasely: its size, execution and hues of gold and yellow really pop on its stark black background. And a rad, colorful piece by Willy Gardiner called “Hearts on Fire.” It’s like looking inside of a geode that’s been cut in half, with melted color blocks of blues and amethyst.

What else is going on in the gallery? We recently had a show for Amzie Adams, a French Quarter legend. It was beautiful, with a cool and easy crowd and live music. The second weekend of Jazz Fest was a show for Jerin Beasely.

Tell us what you are excited about? Our Summer Lifestyle Series, we’re working with local yogis, specialty goods producers and small brands to create a truly immersive space. I would love for people to stay tuned and keep us on their radar. We may be new, but we have a lot planned. 

Oleander on Royal

1000 Royal St.

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