Cindy St. Romain

Owner, St. Romain Interiors
photo by jeffery johnston

How did you start St. Romain Interiors?
After years of not being able to find the pieces I needed to fulfill my design projects, I was ready to start my own business. I go to Europe and procure my own unique pieces that work in my specific client homes.

How would you describe what St. Romain offers?
We have exquisite European antiques, lighting, upholstered furniture, linens and art. Our key point of difference is that all our items are keenly priced. We want these beautiful things to be affordable and for clients to use them in their homes.

How competitive are your prices?
Very! We are located on the Northshore, we own our own building and we’re able to provide our inventory at the best possible prices. We have something for everyone, from small gifts to statement pieces.

So you’re primarily a European-focused antiques business?
It’s a big part of our business, but the design side is equally important.

What’s a popular design style right now?
Our clients love our ability to layer colors, periods and styles. They often request contrasting antique pieces with something contemporary. All of our items are one of a kind, and that’s also true of our designs.

What are you excited about right now?
I am happy with the growth of my design business. We have a lot of new projects from new construction homes, renovations and interior design.

St. Romain Interiors

209 St. John St.
(985) 845-7411



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