Casie Duplechain is Executive Director for Friends of City Park. In this podcast, Casie explains that New Orleans' City Park is a state agency, and Friends of City Park is City Park's nonprofit arm. Casie describes one of the popular current projects of Friends of City Park, the restoration of the Park's historic Carousel that was built in 1906. While the Carousel itself was constructed in 1906, Casie notes that some of the wonderful, fanciful animal figures date back to as early as the late 1800s. She explains that the restoration process is tedious and painstaking; experts remove and restore only six horses at a time. City Park continues to preserve its heritage while developing new projects for residents and visitors to enjoy: Casie proudly points out that the Park's membership is approaching its goal of 4,000 members. She encourages all New Orleanians to support this very special, beautiful 1,300-acre jewel, one of the oldest urban parks in the country.  

Listen to the podcast here.