When talking with a friend/wine enthusiast recently, she used the term “terroir” so many times I had to look it up (while rolling my eyes). If you are not an Oenophile (I also looked that one up) you may not know the definition. “Terroir: the characteristic taste and flavor imparted to a wine by the environment in which it is produced.” This definition did not conjure an image of wine tasting but rather created an entirely different lightbulb moment in my mind! This is what people love about New Orleans. Our terroir! People may come here to party, but they stay for the terroir. The rich flavor of our undeniably unique cultural and artistic perspectives, perpetually expressed in the form of food, alcohol, music, architecture, theatre and fine arts. There’s not much bland – no ambient cultural noise. Not even one street corner where you question what city you are in.  

This terroir, among other things, is why it’s so important to protect and preserve our great city. There are many ways to do this, but this weekend the Preservation Resource Center is hosting its annual Julia Jump fundraiser at the Four Seasons Hotel (a historic building).  If you’re going, do yourself a favor, grab a drink ahead of the event and walk the Arts District Galleries. Preservation of culture is about honoring the past, but we must also support important cultural bearers in the present. The Arts District (ADNO) was created in the 1990’s to help the historic but neglected Warehouse District  return to life. It is now sprinkled with café’s, bars and world-renown art galleries. Why not peruse a few galleries on your way to the Julia Jump? It’s a win win. Here’s a small selection of art on display at several galleries along the way to the Julia Jump.  

Spillman Blackwell: 866 Camp St.

1.Mixed Media on Canvas, Melissa Harrington, Spillman Blackwell Fine Art

2. Mixed Media on Paper by George Clinton, Spillman Blackwell Gallery (collaboration with longtime friend Overton Lloyd) 

3. Mixed Media on Canvas, Karen Laborde, Spillman Blackwell Fine Art

Callan Contemporary: 518 Julia St.

4. Handmade paper on Japanese gampip, Callan Contemporary

5. Gouache on Paper, Norah Lovell at Callan Contemporary Art 

Ariodante Gallery Contemporary Art and Craft Gallery: 535 Julia St.

6. Paint on Canvas, by Roe at Ariodante Gallery 

City Preservation

Arthur Roger Gallery: 432 Julia St.

7. Charcoal on Wood, Whitfield Lovell, Arthur Roger Gallery  

City Preservation