Classically Beautiful

our best hair day ever, that’s what you want your wedding day to be. You want to look back forever and sigh with delight at how gorgeously perfect your ‘do looked all day long. But how do you find the right style with staying power? We recommend considering one of the three most iconic bridal looks: the chignon, waves or braids.



The chignon

A chignon is more flexible than you think. After a blow dry, curl with a curling iron into 1-inch or 2-inch curls depending on whether you want a structured or a more relaxed look. For a more Bohemian style, the hair can be grabbed into a low-slung bun at the base of the neck, leaving a lot of natural texture in the look. To increase the sex appeal, backcomb at the crown and pull into a smooth, higher bun and a clean silhouette. For added sophistication, tease the hair at the crown then create a deep side part and sweep the hair across the cheekbones into a smooth, controlled bun. To soften the look of a structured gown, center part the hair and build height at the top, pull the hair into a side or center messy chignon and tease some layers around the face. For more texture and depth, consider adding highlights to create a pretty, soft glow around the face.


Waves spell romance and give a bride a multitude of options. For a soft look, first blow out the hair and take hair at 3-inch sections to curl from the mid-shaft to the bottom with a 1.5-inch iron, twisting away from the face. For a strapless dress, let the waves hang down naturally and add a hair slide, brooch, crown or other accessory to dress the hair to match the look and style of the bride. Alternatively, blow out the hair and then only curl random sections in the same way as above, to create a more undone look. For a more classic, structured style, backcomb the top section of the hair and pin the sides up for a half up-do. Highlights or lowlights at the bottom of the hair will add interest to the overall look.


Plaits, or braids can create a whole look or be worked in as an element in an overall style. For a plaited bun, use a central part and braid some hair in two sections from either side of the head. Then take smaller pieces from the bottom layer of the hair and pull all of the hair into an interesting, pretty bun, allowing pieces to fall naturally around the head. Alternatively, create two loose braids on either side of the head and pull them into a loose chignon, embracing any fly-aways in a romantic look. Incorporating some braids into a full on updo creates texture and intrigue; either create a few braids at the front or try a side braid as a “headband.” A low-slung braid is another option. The braid starts at the nape of the neck and is pulled to the side and front. Bangs work well with this side-sweeping style or gentle wisps of hair can be teased out. The beauty of braids is not just how they look when you are wearing them, but the cascading waves they create afterwards for the reception or honeymoon the day after.



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