Do you keep your car in your garage? Organizing professionals estimate that only 30 percent of us do. Why? The answer is simple — it’s because there is just way too much clutter and chaos. Here are a few garage storage ideas and products that’ll help you get organized and discover the perfect place to park a car.

Clean Sweep


Customize and Organize

A storage-shelving unit made from powder-coated steel can tame your clutter in a flash. Or take a step up and install a pre-made storage cabinet system. These modern and sophisticated cabinets create a welcome addition to any garage. They feature lockers and a workstation and can include a stainless steel countertop, diamond plate backsplash or a valance light bar. 

Clean Sweep


On The Grid

Corral your sports equipment with a slat wall or grid system. They can be fitted with hooks for specialized holders for balls, skateboards and more. Try the Suncast Golf Organizer to keep your golf gear together.  Use a hoist to get your canoe or kayak up and down without damaging it or harming yourself in the process.

Clean Sweep


Most of us store lawn-mower gas and other chemicals in the garage, so a high quality fire extinguisher in a mounted cabinet is a must. Also, consider installing a lockable cabinet for storing lawn chemicals and other things you don’t want little ones to discover, and put in a carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Routinely test the detectors or invest in a self-charging smoke alarm, a combination alarm and light socket that charges whenever the light is on. Finally, be sure your garage-door opener has an auto-stop feature that prevents the door from closing on a child or pet trying to sneak underneath.



The ceiling’s become the new frontier in garage storage, with systems designed to hold items as varied as hurricane shutters to surfboards. Overhead racks can also store holiday decorations and out-of-season clothing. Overhead storage is an economical alternative to a cabinet for large, long, and relatively flat objects. Most are designed to allow plastic bins to sit securely in slots.