How did the hotel’s re-opening come about? New Orleans is a fantastic city that’s rich in history. AJ Capital’s Founder, Ben Weprin, the driving force behind the Pontchartrain’s restoration, has a real knack for restoring a historical gem to its once shining glory. The team had their eyes set on The Pontchartrain, but upon collaborating with Cooper Manning and chef John Besh, the possibility began to become reality.  

Tell us three things we don’t know about the hotel: The hotel staff is as hospitable and memorable as the hotel itself. The view from every room is great, but in my opinion the Calliope King Suites overlooking St. Charles Avenue have the best view. The Pontchartrain’s bars and restaurants create a quintessential New Orleans experience without even needing to leave the hotel.

Who are the most famous people to have stayed in the hotel? It has been host to Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth, President Gerald Ford and Tennessee Williams, among others. Tennessee Williams lived in The Pontchartrain while writing A Streetcar Named Desire.

In addition to the Mile High Pie, what are the other specialties on the menu that are going down well? There are so many fantastic dishes at the Caribbean Room, Silver Whistle and Bayou Room, but a real stand out is the Shrimp Saki.

What are people loving most about the hotel? That we’re back! Every day I hear a guest talk about their connection to the hotel and the memories they created here. The hotel’s loyal local following mixed with travelers creates a remarkable atmosphere.

The Pontchartrain Hotel

2031 St. Charles Ave.