Color Inspiration Part Three: The Standouts

This week we’ve been reporting on Pantone Color Institute’s picks for their fall/winter 2018 color trend report. Yesterday we highlighted a few traditional, deep and rich colors that would be expected to make an appearance during the fall and winter months.

Today, we want to highlight a few standouts in the group. There is a significant amount of more lighter and brighter colors that have made the list.

A few of our favorites include “Crocus Petal,” “Limelight” and “Valiant Poppy.”

The first two catch our eye for their pastel nature. Typically, these types of colors aren’t seen until spring and summer months surrounded by flowers and bright skies.

Crocus Petal is described by Pantone as “a cultivated and refined hue adds a light and airy spring-like feeling demand.” This lilac-like hue is a popular color among bridesmaid’s dresses. However, we feel that paired with the richness of “Red Pepper,” this color would aid in making a bold statement for wedding ceremony and reception décor. Each can even be picked as a bridesmaid color, with the other included in the bouquets and flower arrangements.

“Limelight” has similar properties to that of “Crocus Petal.” We really see this color shining when it comes to flower arrangements and accents in the reception décor – think pillows or cushions and centerpiece additions. 

We enjoy “Valiant Poppy” simply because a rich, bright red is quintessential for any women’s wardrobe. We are seeing bright, bold red lips incorporated into wedding makeup and even bright red flowers being held against a bride’s crisp white dress.



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