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Cornflower Blue is a can’t-miss hue

If you don’t already have a favorite color, considering a color theme for your wedding can be a daunting prospect. If that’s the case, think about your interests, inspirations, passions and, if all else fails, the dominate color in your closet. One of the beautiful things about the patroness — which is how we’ve come to think of her — of the “Let Them Eat Cake,” blog Marie Antoinette is that in the whirlwind of her lavish life, she loved adding color into everything around her. Silk hangings on the wall, porcelain dinner services, furniture, you name it and it had bright, beautiful colors.

One of her favorite colors to use throughout her life and her home was Cornflower Blue. This blue hue is soft, pretty and easy to combine with other colors, such as melon, buttery yellow and teal, for a more monotone look. Great for summer or springtime weddings, the color is found in many different types of flowers.

Here are a few favorites:

Blue Cornflower


Hepatica Nobilis

Blue Anemones


Add these to compliment a fantastic outdoor garden party wedding in the botanical gardens or under a big oak at a historic plantation. 

The best part about incorporating this color into your wedding is that now you’re all set for your something blue!



Here are a few more images to show how infuse your Big Day with beautiful blue hues:  




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