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Color-Treated Bridal Looks

For the lucky few, their hair enhances their skin tone, brings out the colors in their eyes and reflects the light for perfect shine. Most of us look to our hairstylists to play with color and masterfully add whatever touches will give our natural beauty a boost.

“If you are fair, go for a warmer tone of strawberry or gold to balance out your look,” says New York-based celebrity colorist Kali Ferrara is best for those with dark or olive complexions as the key to gorgeous blonde hair is to balance the different blonde hues. You don’t want to risk looking monotone and washed out if your hair exactly matches your skin.”

Balayage is an option for blondes looking for an enhanced but still au naturel look. Balayage is hair painting that creates a graduated, natural-looking effect from root to tip.

“Balayage is the way to go because it doesn’t saturate the hair shaft with color,” says Abby Hailiti, balayage expert and color director at Julien Farel Restore Salon, Spa & Haircare in New York.

Balayage is more popular with brides who choose to wear their hair down in natural-looking waves or in a half updo.

Carefully-designed highlights create depth and volume. The “bronde” calls for a few highlights that complement the base color of darker hair with different tonalities. This adds a sun-kissed effect that suits longer styles such as lobs and bobs.

Babylights are a way of framing the face to create a halo effect and work particularly well with a soft updo or long lash-length bangs. Fine blonde sections are added to the hair around the face to lighten and frame it.  

Brides not wanting to make the commitment to a process can add flecks of gold to their hairstyle with gold mica that adds luminosity and shine. Try David Mallett Gold Dust, a dry powder volume spray that adds sparkle to any look.

To avoid a flat, monochromatic dark look, lowlights in browns and subtle reds will create interest and dimension. In fact, all dark hair looks better shiny so it’s worth adding a gloss treatment to create a sophisticated sheen, especially if you are wearing your hair down.

No matter how good your colorist is, you must make sure your color choices work with your everyday hair look and with the style you pick for your wedding. Taking care of your hair in the weeks running up to the wedding will also make a difference. Using a weekly mask to rehydrate your hair and add shine works wonders. Pick one with added benefits such as antioxidant-rich oils, like grape seed; they makes hair glisten. Diet is important, too. Vitamin C increases the elasticity of your hair, B5 and biotin encourage the growth of strong, healthy locks and Vitamin E improves the circulation in your scalp, which keeps the hair follicle healthy.

Taking Care of Your Colored Hair

Prolong your color and enhance the health of your hair with these simple steps:

  1. Bleaching can damage your cuticles so two weeks before your appointment, change your conditioner for a biotin deep conditioning mask and apply from the roots.
  2. A week before a color process, avoid washing your hair as shampoos strip the natural oils that protect the scalp. If your hair feels dirty try the new micellar water hair cleansers that are gentler than shampoos or the new generation of dry shampoo mousses that don’t leave a powdery build-up
  3. Ask your colorist to mix in a bond rebuilder to protect the hair as it processes.
  4. After a week, apply an at-home gloss to brighten dark shades and protect blondes from turning yellow or orange.
  5. Don’t skip the mask — a weekly mask will make a significant improvement to your hair in about eight weeks.
  6. Use sun protection for your hair. Choose a mist or a conditioner with UV protection, as rays degrade the color pigment.
  7. Pick a sulfate-free formula of shampoo and conditioner — your color will last longer.
  8. Invest in your tech. The better quality hair irons and dryers maintain a consistent temperature so it’s easier to style each section of hair evenly and avoid burning.

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