Item: “El Pavo Real” is not, as it might sound, a shop selling authentic paving materials. Rather, it is a restaurant specializing in the food of Mexico. The name means “royal turkey,” (a.k.a. “peacock”) according to people who speak Spanish.

I had lunch there recently with a friend, and enjoyed it quite a bit. As of this writing, the restaurant has neither alcohol nor live chickens for sale, but they are working on the former. You should probably check out the restaurant’s Face-Page if you are interested in learning more.


Newsflash: Oysters purchased and consumed at the New Orleans French Market were delicious! Oyster shucker, pleasant! Beer also available!


Item: Vladimir Putin’s name rhymes with “pootin’,” which is embarrassing for all concerned.


All Points Bulletin: Wanted: someone to take crime in New Orleans seriously, regardless of where it occurs, by which I mean even if it happens in Mid-City, Central City, Gert Town, New Orleans East or the Lower 9. We got restaurants all over, y’all.

Item: What if we paid our police officers? What would happen then? What if we didn’t live in a place where a f***ing metallic balloon caused us to go without fresh water for 24 hours?

Item: I guess at least we don’t live in Detroit?


Newsflash: Cochon Butcher will offer sausages and cured meats for retail sale at local groceries by the end of October. Stephen Stryjewski will not don mask and fight crime, but he probably could.


Item: The Pearl, a stalwart of the CBD lunchtime restaurant scene, is closing. If you were a fan, skip the next paragraph.

I’ll miss the sign, but not the food. I was a regular at the Pearl from 1994 until about 2005, but my last half-dozen meals there (the last, admittedly, more than five years ago) were disappointing. It is one of very few restaurants in New Orleans at which I was served poorly-fried seafood more than once. I’m sorry I can’t join in what I suspect will be the hagiography for the place, but the Pearl died a long, long time ago.

Personally, I’ve been mourning the food I used to get at the Pearl for a long time; what I will miss is the sort of place it used to be – quality New Orleans food at a reasonable price. They had an oyster bar and they roasted their own beef and turkey and displayed that and ham in the window. What it became was a tourist trap. We have enough of those. I wish I thought someone would buy the place and reinvigorate it, but I’ve been wishing the same thing about the old Kolb’s space since 1995, and that hasn’t worked.


Newsflash: Those over 40 tend towards the nostalgic, need corrective eyewear and have poor memories.


Item: I guess at least we don’t live in Detroit?