As a child, David Fennelly learned early on the value of exploring every individual’s potential. His mother, Kay Fennelly, ran a nursery school out of the home, teaching a number of differently abled students with equal respect, kindness, and understanding.

After Hurricane Katrina, Fennelly and other Associated Terminals and Turn Services team members were introduced to Arc of Greater New Orleans, an organization that provides support services and advocacy for individuals with intellectual disabilities to help them achieve independence and integration within the community. The organization’s St. Bernard location had been destroyed in the storm, leaving a massive void for services in St. Bernard and eastern New Orleans. With help from Associated Terminals and others, ArcGNO reopened in Chalmette and, with David as one of its most steadfast champions, the services it currently provides at locations throughout the metropolitan area continue to grow in breadth and quality.

“The fact that ArcGNO is active throughout a five-parish region offering an array of services to nearly 600 individuals and their families motivates me even more to support them,” says Fennelly.