When husband and wife Jonathan and Marylyn Rigby purchased their 3,550-square-foot home in 2017, it was because they loved the spacious home’s location in Uptown. The couple, who met in 2010 at an industry conference, love to entertain with friends and family. This five-bedroom, four-bathroom home—complete with an office, art room and playroom for their two kids (Rex, 9, and Juliette, 7)—perfectly fit the family’s needs. “We love the proximity to everything, and, more than anything, we have fantastic neighbors down the entire street,” Marylyn says. “They really are like a second family.”

Today, she and Jonathan love to travel, and they spend a lot of time taking their kids to extra-curricular activities. They also enjoy spending time with friends and family, hitting up all the newest restaurants in town.

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“We have an open-door policy for our friends and family, so someone is always popping in,” Marylyn says. “That was exactly my intention when we purchased the home, and it makes me happy to know that others truly feel at home here. All the design elements were selected with that goal in mind, so I would definitely say that it was a success.” 

Marylyn, the marketing director of the biotech company Revolo, where her husband is CEO, admits she does not have a background in interior design. Nor did she use an interior designer. “I just did what felt right,” she says.

She describes her home’s design as “contemporary comfort,” as expressed through lush fabrics, clean lines and colorful artwork. A neutral color palette support the colors and textures in the family’s furniture and art collection. 

“We really wanted to create a home that was artistic, family friendly and easy to entertain in,” Marylyn says. “I live for art. It is an expression of who a person is, much like the design of their home. We have several local artists, such as Ashley Longshore, George Dureau, Emery Clark, Ida Kohlmeyer, Becky Fos and Alex Beard. I am hoping to add a Demond Matsuo piece in the coming months.”

Marylyn also especially loves the kitchen, which features slate flooring, Cristallo quartzite countertops, Viking appliances, an antique architect’s drawing table converted to an island, high ceilings, lots of moulding and a wall of windows. “The kitchen makes entertaining a dream,” she says. “With all the natural light pouring in, and the openness to both the family room and dining room, it’s both accessible but beautiful enough in its own right to be the center of entertaining.”

Overall, Marylyn wanted to design a home that honors the architecture of the space while also meeting the needs of her family. “We very much wanted a home that was family friendly, but, at the same time, wasn’t overrun by kid things,” she says. “Creating a separate play space for our children, while keeping the overall aesthetic of our home in mind, was actually easier than I thought it was going to be. My kids are very artistic, so they were extremely open to things like the stork wallpaper in their art room.”

She advises others who are thinking about designing their own spaces to take their time. “If you do a house all at once, it looks like you did it all at once,” she says. “Allow your style to evolve as you live in your space. Anchor each room with a timeless piece you’ll own forever. I feel like you can embrace a home design trend as long as it aligns with your personal style. It’s when it doesn’t that it looks out of place.”