The folks at Martha Stewart Living have done it again. Last month Stewart and team introduced a new cookbook specifically geared towards newlywed couples.

The book is said to help the modern couple make their kitchen functional while bringing them over 100 recipes for them to cook together.

The book is available on Amazon Prime or to download to your Amazon Fire.

Inside you will see three different sections including: Stock Up, Get Cooking and Gather Around. The Stock Up section has all of the tools your kitchen needs separated in to categories like pots and pans and prep tools. While the other sections discuss party planning and recipes.

In the forward, Stewart herself explains that certain expectations are immediately heightened after a wedding. Instead of a couple eating out at restaurants or ordering take out, “dinner for two becomes the accepted – expected – norm, and inviting others to your dinner table occurs more frequently.” The book, she explains, is from the minds of all the MSL food editors, who over the years have discovered what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to the kitchen.

“Like any good marriage,” says Stewart, “this (book) collection is built to last.”

Cooking With Love Cooking With Love


Stewart’s book retails for $22.63.