Didya Ever Notice? … These Weird Things About Life During COVID-19

Thanks for reading my diary entries this week! I’ll end with a listicle. 

Following are some of the unusual new facts of life I’ve noticed over the last two months. Read this one out loud in the voice of a bad 90s comedian.

During COVID-19, I’ve Been:


Taking the dog for a walk … and actually meeting many of my neighbors for the first time.

It’s so great to walk down the street and see people enjoying their front porches and yards. Like the fictional 50s but with less racism, sexism and phobias …


Wearing the same pair of shorts every day.

And loving it.


Drinking two beers every night because why not.

OK, tonight I had three …


Participating in work conference calls while simultaneously doing the dishes.

This actually suits my ADD brain and I don’t want to ever go back to doing just one thing at a time.


Brushing my teeth sometime around lunch – if at all.

But still flossing once a month whether I need it or not.


Forgetting how to drive.

While doing errands the other day, I made a comment to my wife about how I’m worried everybody is going to be getting into accidents because they’re out of practice. A few minutes later, I ran over the curb trying to pull into a bank drive-through. So maybe it’s just me.


Eating meals outside because the weather has been weirdly great during this whole thing.

It feels like March in May – I’ll take it.


Walking outside for five minutes to watch military planes fly over the neighborhood … twice in one week.

Also, the Blue Angels weren’t practicing social distancing.


Having a new thing to forget when you leave the house.

Keys? Check. Phone? Check. Mask? … Dang it!


Needing to go to the grocery store five minutes after you get back from going to the grocery store.

And to think that we’re still paying for the college meal plans. … Also, my kids definitely eat more now that they’re adults.


Actually completing a puzzle.

Ok, who am I kidding, we did the edges and then quit like we always do.


Running out of the big bottle of Tabasco after a week.

I think we have a problem.


Learning how to smile with a mask on.

Try it today … and be safe out there! We’ll get through this together.