I have a text thread with several of my Carnival krewe members. We check in at least once a day, usually more than that – a lot more than that – to make sure we are all staying sane and safe. It has been crucial to all of us in getting through the days and weeks of self-quarantine.

We’ve managed to stay connected through several different and creative ways:

One of our group’s son turned 13 and she arranged a drive-by birthday party. Another member designed a sign for him, encouraging drivers to “Honk for Hunter’s birthday.”

Another member drove to Ponchatoula to purchase strawberries, delivered those berries to those that wanted them, and included a daiquiri as a lagniappe.

Yet another one of us ordered small gifts for everyone, such as a favorite DVD (for me!), some nail polish, a book on knitting and so forth; small happy gifts that arrive unexpectedly in the mail.

We also arranged a surprise Zoom party for one of our group, by setting up a call and sending her an impromptu invitation by email. We toasted with our individual drinks, chatted and recounted the birthday girl’s day.

Of course it’s not all sunshine and roses. We also are sure to vent, share disappointments, talk about our anxieties and concerns. It’s a lifeline to know that someone’s got your back, has been there and back, reminds you not to cut your own hair and will tell you on Zoom if your shirt is on backwards.

Shout out to my girls: Jananne, Angela, Molly, Kayleigh and Judy! Love to you all and thanks for keeping me laughing and somewhat sane.


Here are some movie recommendations from the “New Orleans Ladies”:

The Hunt for Red October

Harold and Maude

Shawshank Redemption

To Kill a Mockingbird



Drink pairing: a glass of chilled Prosecco



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