Self-isolating can be monotonous, boring and rage-inducing – okay, that last one might be more personal, but I can’t be the only one to get a little ragey from time to time. But in this month (and some change) of staying mostly in my home, I’ve found that I need to surround myself with distractions and entertainment.

We’ve had a few recommendation posts put up on, but this is my diary post, so I call the shots.

I’m going to share just a few of my favorite things that I have found in an effort to give you something that can become your favorite thing — or to give you something you find so utterly ridiculous that it distracts you, even for a moment.


The Sound of Music

If you read the title of this article and didn’t immediately sing the song in your head – or, as I frequently do, aloud – maybe you should stop reading because we are very different people.

Just kidding (mostly). After all, this exercise is supposed to offer you new experiences and new favorite things. So, with that idea, I give you my favorite movie of all time — arguably one of the best movies ever made — 1965’s Rodgers and Hammerstein hit “The Sound of Music.”

It’s (very loosely) based on a true story set in the beginning stages of World War II in Austria. (If you don’t know the original story, it’s a very interesting one to read up on, and it’s not like we don’t have the time now.) First-time viewers might be worried about the many Nazi undertones, but those are overshadowed by the world-class gem that is Julie Andrews and the gorgeous fox that is Christopher Plummer.

It’s not for everyone, which sadly I understand, but you always everything deserves at least one chance.


Hello Fresh

In a slightly different direction, I would like to start an official petition to Hello Fresh to make me an official brand ambassador, because your girl is in love and I make sure everybody knows it.

Hello Fresh is a food subscription box that arrives promptly on your door step every week. You get to pick the meals you’d like for the following week and everything you need – except things that are traditionally around your kitchen like salt or olive oil – comes neatly packed in a brown paper bag that I double as a trash receptacle.

Y’all, my love affair with Hello Fresh is real – three meals, four servings each for $95 dollars a week, which gives me and my mom six meals each. It’s a blessing. #notanad



If you ask my car steering wheel, or my neighbors who can probably hear me through the walls, I love to sing.

Do I sing in public or in front of others? You bet I don’t. But do I belt out a little Cher “Mamma Mia” soundtrack or pretend I should be Glinda in “Wicked” on Broadway? Absolutely.

Both Spotify and Pandora have been godsends while working from home. There’s only so much television you can watch, even if you just have it on as background noise. And once in a while you just need to pull a Meredith Grey and dance it out with a good glass of wine to the sounds of the ‘90s.


See also: wine. God bless wines, the grapes they come from and the gorgeous vineyard operators that bring the wines to us.


Facebook Videos

EVERYONE is putting content out now and Facebook does a lovely job of packaging up all those videos you may like into one tab on your Facebook app. I spend hours watching different videos from all over the world. A few of my favorites lately have been comedians Laura Clery and Tadhg Flemming.


Honorable Mention: 


Stay with me here. “A dating app? In the time of social distancing?” Yes.

Bumble, for me, has become funnier than those Facebook videos. There are some interesting men in the Greater New Orleans area and, boy, let me tell you – god bless their mommas.

Other areas my generation struggle within that the greatest generation did not (see previous mention in yesterday’s post) are romance, elegance in communication  (or in general) and just all around swagger – not the swagger of Mike “The Situation” of “Jersey Shore,” but the smolder of Humphrey Bogart.

“If you’re just going to say, ‘Hey,’ then just swipe left now.”

“Here is a list of all my sexual preferences and wants from you.”

And so on. You know the drill.

I’ve added a few photos – names and identifiable details omitted – to show what we’re working with. At this point Bumble has become more of an entertainment a search for my dream man.

Probably not the right attitude to go into a dating app with, but here we are. Don’t @ me.

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The Corona Diaries is a joint project of the Renaissance Publishing Staff. Each week during the series, a different member of our staff will share their day-to-day experiences with working from home, social distancing and the other ups and downs of living through the pandemic.