I wrote earlier this week about insecurity starting this diary process, but it’s actually given me motivation to do things I haven’t done before or in a long time — I need something to write about, after all.

Recently, I’ve been motivated to get back into my art. I never think I’m good enough. I have a blank canvas hanging in my room, nothing on it, just blank, because I don’t have the confidence to start anything.

I used to draw a lot – from filling my afternoons as a child to projects as I made my way through school. Paint isn’t my favorite medium, but in high school I painted a lot as well. Charcoal is probably, behind pencil, one of my preferred mediums, and I’m not too shabby at the practice, if I do say so myself.

My mom brags about my abilities to other people and I say, “I’m decent. No artist.” That’s my insecurity talking. Thanks in part to that insecurity, as well as something as mundane as the energy needed by day to day life, my creative energy has been nil for a while now.

Recently, the art bug has been creeping back into my life, and I believe there are a few reasons why.

First was the mosaic chalk art that has littered social media and neighborhoods around the country. Families all over the country are taking different colors of chalk and painter’s tape to create works of art of their own.

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My niece and her friends have jumped on the bandwagon and I couldn’t be happier. The movement has even inspired local retail store Fleurty Girl. The team at Fleurty Girl has created a mosaic tee in youth and adult sizes. To me, their art – and art in general – can inspire solidarity in a time of separation.

Art is universal. It enacts emotion in you whether you realize it or not. You could prefer Claude Monet to Pablo Picasso, but each style and artist brings up a feeling inside the viewer. And, though simple in execution, these mosaic pieces have actually brought me joy and motivation.

My second source of inspiration was a new Facebook post has gone viral that showcases floral works of art made on a backyard fence. I haven’t figured out what type of paint is used, but I just ordered some online – I mean, what could go wrong – and plan to attack my fence with daisies in the coming days.

Not everyone has the ability to do this, but even you’re not the next Frida Kahlo you can still create something spectacular and a memorable moment with your family or significant other.

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Photo and art from Amy Doggett Ostigny – Facebook

In addition to my paints that are hopefully on their way, I also recently ordered an art box from a store called Crush in Los Angeles thanks to a suggestion from my coworker. I always prefer to buy locally, but something this store had that local art supply stores did not is the option to pick a price-point, tell them what you’re interested in and they send you a curated package of art supply goodies. I received a few colored pencils, a drawing pen, two charcoal pencils and a watercolor set with watercolor paper. I am so excited to try the watercolors, but I haven’t yet gotten the gumption to tackle this new medium.

Hopefully, I’ll have a watercolor update by the end of the week. But, let’s be real, I probably won’t do it until some random moment in the future. Old dog, same tricks.


I’d love for you to share art projects with me! You can comment on this article or email them to me at kelly@myneworleans.com – maybe it’ll give me the inspiration I need to try my new color set.





The Corona Diaries is a joint project of the Renaissance Publishing Staff. Each week during the series, a different member of our staff will share their day-to-day experiences with working from home, social distancing and the other ups and downs of living through the pandemic.