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Countdown to the Big Day

I’m still more than a year from my wedding date, and yet I’m already feeling the fluttery feelings in my stomach associated with excitement and panic. I’m counting on feeling those butterflies as I walk down the aisle, waiting to see the man who will soon be my husband; I’m counting on those pesky flutterbyes when I finally put on “the dress”; I’m even counting on at least one of the details I’ve dreamed of not happening and feeling those shakes for a moment. The moment I wasn’t prepared for? How about choosing the perfect bridesmaids dress (it would flatter all five of my very diverse ladies and match the time of day of my wedding and … it’s perfect), showing it to someone very close to me and hearing, “Really? This one?” Or what about asking a dear friend’s permission to have her daughter be a flower girl and hearing, “I’m not comfortable with that because you’re not getting married in a church.”

My point is, weddings – the planning, the decisions, the emotions and even the actual day – are tough. There are very few other days in a person’s life that hold as much importance and therefore as much chance of things going wrong.

The thing to remember, the thing I keep repeating to myself, is: Your wedding is a celebration of your love. Anything past that, as my mother would say, is gravy – let’s call it lagniappe.

While I can’t fit all of the answers to your wedding questions, vendor needs and choices in every issue of New Orleans Bride, we’ve done our best to expand our offerings in this issue to show you, if not your perfect choice, some amazing and high-quality opportunities – from fascinators to flowers to frames and everything in between – to make the best choice for you and the one you love.

Celebrate every day like it’s your wedding, and don’t sweat the small stuff. See you in June.

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