“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and try to follow them.” -Louisa May Alcott

Courtney Perschall Nalty serves as the Secretary to the Board of Directors of the Junior League of New Orleans. In this position, she manages the official record of the League year, including meeting agendas and minutes, functions as Parliamentarian at Board, Joint Council and General Membership meetings, and provides guidance on and ensures adherence to the organization’s governance documents, which include Bylaws, Standing Rules, Policies and Procedures. Courtney’s attention to detail, strong organizational skills, patience and objectivity give her the capacity to be the Chair of the Standards Committee. She works with other members and staff to maintain membership information and address member requirements. She hopes to create a Junior League that her daughter will be proud to join in 20-plus years and to teach others that JLNO is a volunteer organization for the betterment of the community first.

In her more than 10 years in JLNO, Courtney has served in leadership roles in nearly every aspect of JLNO. She started with one of JLNO’s fundraisers, Kitchen Tour, and participated in three community projects, including Power Ties, Senior League, Education Support Services and Community Assistance Fund. Most recently, she has focused on governance and organization as Communications Council Secretary and a member of the Nominating Committee. This helped her understand how the League is structured, what processes and procedures help run efficient committees, and what leaders can do to ensure positive community impact and member satisfaction. Through volunteering, Courtney has made cherished friendships and learned from her fellow members.

Courtney provides essential project management support for the clients of Foster Strategy. Having joined the company in early 2017, she spent the prior 11 years in marketing and operations for Lambeth House – a New Orleans retirement community – most recently serving as Foundation Director. In this role, she conceptualized new development strategies, presided over a 16-member board and managed all facets of fund development and allocation. Courtney also held the positions of Marketing Director and Lifestyle Coordinator, giving her a depth of perspective in brand positioning, sales and consumer relations.

Originally from New Orleans, Courtney attended Louise S. McGehee School for 14 years and graduated from Virginia Tech. She enjoys reading, exercising, playing tennis, ballet, watching classic movies on TCM, music festivals and hanging out with her husband Will and children, Peter (5), Benjamin (4) and Rebecca (2). She also has a passion for travel and has been to 47 states and seven countries. She gains inspiration from her mother and children. Her mother “did it all,” raising four kids, volunteering for all of the schools’ extra-curricular activities, JLNO and many other things. Now that she is a mom, she is in awe of how her mother was able to do it. Courtney’s children’s innocence, positive outlook and excitement about life each day are reminders to live in the moment and just enjoy the ride!

Courtney Perschall Nalty, Secretary to the Board