Crazy for Kombucha

A fermented fizz for your health
Kombucha Drink
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To put it simply, kombucha is fermented sweet tea. It has been proven to contain millions of healthy bacteria (Lactobacillus Bacterium) known as probiotics that aid in overall health and wellbeing. These probiotic bacteria and enzymes are said to improve the efficiency of your digestive system by supporting and detoxifying your gut microbiome, boosting your immunity and comprehensive mental and physical health.

Luckily, for a city known for overindulging in all things, two companies are offering locally made kombucha to, if nothing else, make you feel like you’ve made a healthy choice while enjoying a tasty beverage that won’t leave you feeling worse later.

Tart but not vinegary, 100 percent natural and low in sugar with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners (including Stevia), Big Easy Bucha is also naturally vegan, probiotic rich in keeping with traditional fermentation methods and available in seven flavors.

Visit their website to learn more and to find locations to purchase across the city:

Insanitea Kombucha started selling homemade raw kombucha at the Crescent City Farmers Markets in 2016. Since “taking root” they’ve continued to focus on how their business can best serve our community, including using Louisiana-grown strawberries, blueberries from JD Farms, and cayenne peppers and beets from VEGGI Farmers Cooperative. They use traditional batch brewing to create a controlled environment for their yeast, which produces a predictable, flavorful kombucha, low in caffeine and sugar. They typically offer six to eight seasonal flavors. 

Visit their website to learn more, purchase bottles and packs, and find locations to purchase across the city:




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