My husband and I are very excited to be expecting our first child in September. Living here won’t be easy come August when I’m eight months pregnant, but I’ve come to realize that, whatever the weather, New Orleans has the best food for cravings. If I lived anywhere else I wouldn’t be able to get a roast beef poor boy with a side of debris, a cream cheese-filled King Cake or a snowball! As we were standing in line at Plum Street the other day to feed that craving, my husband asked, “What is the difference between a snowball and a snow cone?” The only response I could come up with was, “Um, well … snowballs are a New Orleans thing.”

I never actually looked into the difference between a snowball and a snow cone until now, and what I learned was really neat.

A snow cone consists of very coarse ice for a more granular, crunchy taste, created by chipping away at an ice block. Until the 1930s this was the only option for the sugary treat. This all changed in ’34 when Ernest Hansen of Hansen’s Sno-Bliz debuted his ice shaving machine, which produced the finely shaved ice similar to fresh snow that absorbed the cane syrup.

Soon after Hansen developed his machine, grocer George Ortolano invented his own machine called the Sno-Wizard, which he sold throughout the area.
Since then, snowball stands have continued to pop up around New Orleans, each with their on twist on the confection. Although the snowball is simple and easy to make, like most things in New Orleans there’s a lot of history and tradition that comes with it.

So choose your favorite and fulfill your craving!

The gods were smiling down on us Proteus Monday this year, as the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a parade.  The Queen and her Court, along with Proteus’ family and friends, had front row seats to view the parade, thanks to the Pickwick Club and their stunning balcony. The Captain led the magnificent parade, which was themed “Ancient Elements of Alchemy,” and Proteus himself stopped at the Pickwick Club to toast his gracious Queen and beautiful wife.

Cruisin’ The Crescent

Proteus arrives at the Pickwick Club.

New Orleans traveled to New York City to celebrate a baby shower for New Orleans native and NYC resident Natalie Feeney. The shower, held at a venue in Tribeca, was decorated in a palette of white, gold and mint green. Guests dined on chicken salad, assorted cheeses and Joan Farrell cookies while the mom-to-be opened her gifts.
Cruisin’ The Crescent

Katherine Bologna, Natalie Feeney, Tyndale Brickey and Jessica Carvin.

Cruisin’ The Crescent

The bar, decorated with onesies, served a specialty cocktail called the “Natalie Sparkle.”

The Atlanteans Queens met for their annual luncheon this year at Commander’s Palace to share memories of their reigns before the 2014 Atlanteans Ball.

Cruisin’ The Crescent

(Back row) Anne Montgomery Grace, Emilie Montgomery, Rachael Tullis Gambel, Anne Fox Gillin, Tatine Maginnis Frater, Felicity Strachan, Anne McIlhenny Gardiner, Lilo Simmons Ukrop, Eileen Eshleman Stewart and Margaret Villere Wynn with (front row) Katherine Barkley Rafferty, Yvette Young Semmes, Miriam Wogan Henry, Regina Aglae Soniat Tilton, Anne Flower Redd and Lydia Williams Buckley.

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