cruisin’ the crescent

What a fabulous month: There were so many events to attend and I turned 30! Turning 30 is a little scary, but I was very lucky to celebrate with close friends who hosted a joint birthday dinner for my friend Joanie Browne and me. It was really special because she’s a dear friend and because we
share a birthday past: We also had our fifth birthday together 25 years ago.

We were in the same kindergarten class at the time and our grandmothers, old friends, threw us a dress-up tea party. Joanie
and I often get nostalgic and reminisce about it as our birthdays near. Probably the best part of the dinner this year was when I looked around the table and saw the same faces I did as when I was 5. As I thought about how incredible that was, I wondered how is it possible that we are all sitting here together after so many years? How have we not lost touch? Then it hit me: New Orleans.

This city is like a magnet; it always draws people back. Joanie had moved to Nashville the year after our birthday, she stayed there through high school and we went to different colleges. Yet here we are, still thick a thieves because we’ll always have a common love: the great city of New Orleans. I ran into three different acquaintances this weekend that lived all over the country and each person gushed about how happy they were but couldn’t wait to move back. I think what makes New Orleans so unique is the people – they are the soul of the city. I would like to thank New Orleans and all the residents for providing me with 30 incredible years. My life would not be the same without you!

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