Since I got engaged recently I’ve been in full wedding planning mode, and during this planning I’ve learned a lot about not just planning a wedding but planning a “New Orleans Wedding.” You see, I’m not getting married in New Orleans, but I’ve come to learn that the city doesn’t make the wedding a New Orleans affair – the people do. When going over the guestlist with my father I said, “We could probably invite more people since it’s out of town and a lot of people won’t come.” My father replied, “You know how Steeler’s fans are famous for traveling to every game? Well New Orleanians are famous for traveling to every party.”

I thought back to all the out of town weddings I’ve attended and realized he was right! We travel in droves; I’ve seen New Orleans take over small quaint towns for the weekend. Now I’m sure our rambunctiousness irritated the locals at the time, but hopefully later they appreciated how much we stimulated their economy through bar tabs. I am lucky that my sister got married in the same small mountain town before me. Hopefully this will make the New Orleans invasion not too much of a shock. It certainly helps having the same wedding planner as she did. She has already been broken in; now she doesn’t even bat an eye when my dad asks if the buses will “have a booze button.”

I know New Orleanians don’t just travel because of a bar (it certainly is an incentive but not the main reason); they travel to celebrate with each other New Orleans-style. I have come to realize that you can do that anywhere on the globe if you have the right people. You can take the wedding out of New Orleans, but you can’t take New Orleans out of the wedding.

This year NOLA Fashion Week had a stellar list of designers featuring their collections. Among them was Pensacola, Fla.-born designer Smith Sinrod and her label by SMITH. This year was her second time showing at NOLA Fashion Week and she was so excited to be back. She started designing three and a half years ago, and today her designs can be found in specialty stores all over the country. Her fall collection, which was shown, featured many colorful pieces all named after streets in New York City where the designer currently lives. She said she was inspired by mosaics and stained glass and that she personally hand-painted all of the prints that were featured on her designs. You can find her label locally at Ballins Ltd., or on her website BySMITHCollection.com.


The Coalition to Restore Costal Louisiana (CRCL) was hosted this year by Gertrude Pfost at the James W. Wilson Jr. Hall of Fame Room at Tulane University. The event was to build awareness of costal land loss in Louisiana and to encourage support for the CRCL’s mission of restoring and protecting our costal wetlands. To learn more about the organization you can visit crcl.org.

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