Cruisin’ the Crescent – April 2012

So Mardi Gras is over and we’re well into Lent. Looking back, I remember asking people what they would be giving up. Everyone answered one of two things: food or alcohol. People were so enthusiastic about it, including myself. I mean anyone from New Orleans knows that during Mardi Gras it’s like calories don’t exist. We gorge on King Cake, Popeyes, crawfish and anything else on offer, washing it down with milk punches and Abita! I don’t know about you, but by Ash Wednesday I never want to see food or alcohol again, hence the enthusiasm to give it up.

Now that a few weeks have passed, I realize that we really don’t know until a week or two into Lent what we’re actually are giving up, and that’s when the self-made rules come in. For example: On Ash Wednesday I gave up drinking alcohol and took up going to the gym more often. Four days later I was asked to dinner, and knew that I would want a glass of wine. So then I came up with a new plan: give up alcohol on weekdays and still try to go to the gym more. That worked out great until a week later, when a friend came in town on a weekday and we ended up catching up over a couple beers, thus having to amend my Lent commitment again. So here I sit, three weeks into Lent, and I’ve finally figured it out. As many days as I drink alcohol I have to go to the gym for at least an hour – and I’ve stuck to it!

You see, we all want to respect the Lenten ritual and deprive ourselves of something we love for 40 days. However, we live in New Orleans. We have the best food, the best drinks and the best atmosphere in which to consume them. We live in the hardest place to purge! Everyone gets through it in their own way; stick to it as we’re in the home stretch and have a happy spring.

HandsOn New Orleans hosted their first ever Bacchanalia Competitive Wine Tasting Event at Cafe Istanbul on February 2. Guests brought their favorite Cabernet, and there were 50 teams of one to three people. Each team tasted and rated the 50 bottles of wine, and the top five wines were declared winners. HandsOn New Orleans plans to host the Bacchanalia more than just once a year, so visit their website and sign up for their newsletter to make sure you don’t miss this really fun event. All proceeds from the event benefit HandsOn New Orleans, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform communities through volunteer service and leadership development.

On Sunday, April 22, the East Jefferson General Hospital Auxiliary is sponsoring its 36th annual Great Lady/Great Gentleman Awards Presentation Luncheon at the lovely Audubon Tea Room. At this event, several men and women of the Greater New Orleans area will be honored in recognition of their outstanding volunteer efforts in our community. Proceeds from the event will benefit EJGH Nursing Education and Leadership Support Program and the Nursing Certification Reimbursement Program. In February, the Great Lady/Great Gentleman honorees gathered at EJGH for the announcement of the 2012 honorees.

Former Rex Queens gathered at Antione’s for their annual Queen’s Luncheon. This year the luncheon was held in honor of “Baby Queen” Jane White. Their majesties introduced themselves and reminisced to newest member, Jane, over filet and trout. The luncheon was very special for Jane as it was held in the Rex room, which is where her parents revealed that she had been chosen to reign as Queen of Carnival in 2011. After lunch, the Rex lieutenants marched with a Jazz band and toasted the Queens. Everyone second lined out to the street to continue the festivities.

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