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Cultural Traditions: Dutch Wishing Trees

At LTEC, we believe it’s important to remember the elements inherent in the traditional weddings of cultures around the world. These traditions and cultural values are the reason couples spend hours making sure everything is flawless for their weddings.

In previous blogs, we have highlighted wedding customs from India and Germany. Recently, we discovered some interesting practices from the Dutch culture that actually influenced modern day wedding traditions.

Cultural Traditions: Dutch Wishing Trees

For the Dutch, it is customary for the couple to have a wishing tree at their reception. The wishing tree is comparable to a wedding guest book. A picturesque branch is placed near the couple’s table with pieces of ribbon or paper leaves placed next to it. Throughout the night, guests are encouraged to write well wishes and hopes for the future on the leaves. Either the guests themselves can place their well wishes onto the tree or the couple has the option to read the well wishes aloud and then place them on the tree.

Having a wishing tree can be a more sentimental option to a guest book. It is more interactive with your guests and can even be placed in the couple’s home after the wedding.

Dutch weddings also include Lily of the Valley. The flower is meant to symbolize luck in love and is often planted around the couple’s house. Their family plants the flowers to bring the couple happiness and renewal of their love each season.




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