Last week, we began a series of posts dedicated to wedding traditions from all over the world. Different countries, cultures and religions celebrate the occasion of marriage in many different ways. With New Orleans being a gumbo pot of different backgrounds, we think it fitting to explore the beauty of these ceremonies. Last week, we explored the beauty and meaning of the Indian and Hindu tradition of the Mehndi Ceremony.

Today, we are bringing you a German tradition that can easily be incorporated to a wedding of any culture or background. During the wedding festivities in some German cultures, it is customary for the couples family and friends to create a wedding newspaper.

This newspaper is filled with pictures and stories of the couple. Filling the pages is the story of the couple’s lives, how they met, their engagement and any other fun information. The newspaper is mass-produced and sold at the couple’s wedding. The proceeds go towards the couples honeymoon expenses.

We think this tradition would be a great addition to any and all wedding ceremonies. It could be easily used as a party favor or the couple could add in the ceremony details and use it as a wedding program.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the creativity and design of the newspaper. The couple can even frame the paper and display the memory in their home.