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Cultural Traditions: The Chinese Zodiac

Weddings and their history and symbolism vary from culture to culture and country to country. Each one is beautiful in its own right. Previously, we have highlighted traditions such as the breaking of the glass in the Jewish community and the intricate detailing of Indian henna during the Mehndi Ceremony.

Today, we’re exploring the way ancient Chinese couples decided on their wedding date. The tradition stated when the groom’s family found out the bride’s full name and birthdate, they would consult a fortune teller to predict compatibility and if the marriage would produce a happy life. Once given his prediction, the fortune teller would choose a date according to the astrological book. This date would be considered a proper and favorable day to hold the wedding ceremony.

The Chinese zodiac is based on a 12-year cycle in accordance with the Chinese lunar calendar. Each year is given an animal representation and brings a variety of characteristics, life situations and predictions to individuals born in conjunction with the year. These zodiac signs and dates of birth for couples are the main determinant in a Chinese couple’s wedding.

The Chinese zodiac has many similarities to Western astrological practices. Even if a couple is not of Chinese decent, if they are having trouble finding the perfect wedding date or maybe venues and vendors aren’t matching up, using this ancient practice could bend luck in the couple’s favor. Matching your birthdays and zodiac years can also be a fun activity you experience as a couple.

Though we live in the 21st century, many traditions and customs still hold true from generations before us. These practices could add special meaning to your Big Day or add an amusing activity to your wedding planning.

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