In New Orleans, where our lives are a gumbo pot of different traditions and cultures, it’s only appropriate to incorporate these diverse cultures and influences into our wedding days.

Influence can come from anywhere and any culture. It’s not necessarily about the culture you were born into, but more about the customs and practices that mean something to you and your fiancé.

For example, in Australia, a unity bowl is incorporated into the wedding. It takes on the same idea as unity sand that is commonly seen in many weddings, however, there is  more potential for creativity and couples can include all of their family and friends.

The main idea behind the unity bowl is to have guests of the couple fill the bowl with colorful stones. This gesture symbolizes the color and vitality each friend and family member brings to the couple’s lives. Colors can be assigned to each family member or different colors for friends and family. This technique will give the couple the ability to remember who placed which stone on the happiest day of their life. Some take the symbolism a step further by starting with the elder generation and working their way to the younger generation – with the children in attendance placing their stones after the couple to honor future generations.

Having a unity bowl is a great way to not only incorporate your family and friends in the actual wedding day, but to have them forever as a symbol of foundation and reminiscence of the wedding day.


The unity bowl allows the couple creative freedom. This symbol will be with you, in your home, forever. Make it as colorful, robust, sizeable and abstract as you wish.

It can also be used as a replacement for a guest book. Have each of your guests sign their stone (if the stone is big enough to allow it) with their name or a message.