NEW ORLEANS (press release) – The male Baird’s tapir calf born at Audubon Zoo on July 2, 2021, is doing well and gaining weight. Born weighing 19.4 pounds, the calf is now up to approximately 31.5 pounds and gaining almost a pound a day. Full grown Baird’s tapirs can weigh up to 800 pounds.

The calf is still nursing but is beginning to try solid foods. So far, his favorite treats are bananas.

Mother and calf are currently bonding behind-the-scenes. The mother, Ixchel, is doing a fantastic job being attentive while also giving him opportunities to be independent. According to animal care staff, the calf’s demeanor is inquisitive and calm, and he has started to explore some of the behind-the-scenes outdoor areas on his own. Stay tuned to Audubon’s social media channels for updates on the new addition.