Healthcare is always evolving, and while some advancements have become expected luxuries for patients—robot-assisted surgeries, vaccines, and digital scans to name a few—other advancements are so cutting-edge that they’ve yet to make it into the mainstream and onto everyone’s radar. Fortunately, a yearly focus on healthcare and its top providers gives us a chance to check in on the latest from a variety of specialties. From new research studies and procedures to recently acquired technologies and effective new medications, cutting-edge health keeps the medical field moving forward and providing the outcomes and solutions that patients seeks. Stay on top of the latest from area providers by reading about their newest offerings, areas of interests, studies, additions and more. 


Atlas Psychiatry 

Atlas Psychiatry now offers Virtual Reality (VR) therapy, an exciting new treatment modality for a variety of psychological disorders. With over 70 immersive environments, VR therapy can effectively treat an array of phobias, including public speaking, social interactions, flying, driving, heights, claustrophobia, and more. This technology allows the Atlas Psychiatry team to walk patients through realistic, in-depth scenarios to help confront and overcome fears and behaviors in a way that would be impractical or impossible in real life. This well-researched technology has until recently been mostly limited to large medical centers and university research laboratories. Atlas Psychiatry can now provide this innovative treatment to patients in its comfortable and private outpatient office setting.

Atlas’ team of psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers harness a wide range of expertise to make a precise diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan. VR therapy joins a full range of services and advanced technologies, including psychological testing, psychiatric genetic testing, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, medication, SPRAVATO™ (es-ketamine) nasal spray and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). 

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