Cynthia WhittingtonEarl Schneider, general manager of Interior Motives Design and Decor, says one of the main reasons he enjoys his job is because of the team atmosphere.

“The people here are very easy to work with, and everyone enjoys what they do,”
he says. Plus, with two registered ASID designers and seven design consultants, Interior Motives is prepared to take on residential and commercial projects. Schneider says the staff prides themselves in understanding and knowing all styles of design, from contemporary to traditional.

Schneider and his coworkers, including owner Cynthia Whittington, guide the process. “Clients know what they like, and we enhance what they like … We don’t come in and dictate!” he says. “We like to tell our customers, ‘This is where you are, and this is where you can be,’ and we walk them through it.”

“We can start helping design your space, working with architects and contractors before the slab is ever poured!” says Schneider. “We can make sure the space is laid out properly. We also do exterior colors, window treatments and furniture selection … from the floor to the roof, we can choose everything.”

Schneider also looks forward to the future. Right now, he recommends making an appointment, and in mid-February, Interior Motives will open a nearly 2,000-square-foot  showroom, which will showcase more than 60 lines of furniture. And, he and another coworker will become registered with ASID by the end of the year.

“A good designer should know all the styles and that’s what we pride ourselves on,” he says.