Daniel Johnson

Water drainage has been a problem in New Orleans since the city’s formation. For the past several years, homeowners have coped with excess rainfall via underground pipes that exit at street level. As anyone who has driven in the city can attest, this solution is less than ideal. But thanks to the arrival of an innovative landscape design team, New Orleanians may finally have a solution the drainage problem. To learn more, I spoke with Daniel Johnson, founder of Greenman Dan.

A full-service landscape company, Greenman Dan specializes in designs that capture and absorb a property’s rainfall, lessening the overall runoff into city streets. Sometimes the water is directed to a street-side rain garden, allowing Louisiana iris and other water-loving plants to flourish. Diverting the water into a landscape irrigation system is another option, as well as the use of sump pumps or bioswales. French drains, which make use of an underground pipe or trench, can also quickly divert rainwater away from a property’s surface. These are just a few of the many solutions Greenman Dan can build and maintain in the New Orleans area.

Johnson and his team have created beautiful, functional drainage solutions for a variety of clients, from homeowners to the City of New Orleans itself. This success has garnered national attention for the company, and Johnson has become something of a go-to speaker in the world of stormwater management and green infrastructure. Furthermore, the company is dedicated to continually providing new, progressive landscape services for homeowners and businesses alike.

In addition to his work with Greenman Dan, Johnson is also dedicated to helping nonprofits, such as Louisiana Green Corps and Home by Hand, spread the news about green infrastructure. He enjoys sharing industry knowledge with students who may one day enter the field.

“There is a demand for knowledgeable green-collar workers on the horizon and I would like to help our industry be ready for it,” he says.

Thanks to the innovations of Johnson and the rest of his team, New Orleanians have a greener way to deal with the age-old drainage problem. Less water is diverted into storm drains, and the city’s pumps don’t have to process quite as many gallons. Overall, the people of Greenman Dan are dedicated to providing New Orleans with innovative, sustainable and creative landscaping solutions.

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For more information, call 669-5293, visit GreemanDan.com, email info@greenmandan.com or find him on Facebook @Greeman-Dan.


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