CEO & Director of Product and President & Director of Operations, Tutti Dynamics

The name Tutti, meaning “all voices together,” captures the spirit of Tutti Dynamics, a company that uses the collaboration of artists, educators and organizations to create a cutting-edge learning platform.

Darren Philip Hoffman has been pursuing a career in music since his early teens. When he was studying at the University of New Orleans, he “sought to accelerate (his) development with digital practice tools, but became frustrated with what was available.”

With a long-term goal of helping students of music around the world learn from the masters, currently the software is helping 550 high schools study jazz with Wynton Marsalis and with the Lincoln Center Orchestra. And this is just the beginning.

Hoffman and McEntyre are also excited to release the new music Tutti Dynamics has created. While they’ve been refining the platform, they’ve also created more than 100 pieces of music that they’ll be rolling out throughout the next year, as well as announcing exciting new partnerships.

“My favorite part of Tutti is the sense of family we’ve created,” Hoffman says. “I feel like the luckiest person when I get to compensate the greatest minds and kindest people I know.”