Daycare for canines

Owned by Diane Cooke, Camp Bow Wow on Tchoupitoulas Street is a daycare for dogs, and it offers boarding services.

“It is a very controlled environment,” says director Deb Lunsford. “It’s very socialized, and the dogs are under constant supervision.” In fact, she says Camp Bow Wow can be likened to a cruise for dogs. “They get their own cabins, where they eat and sleep,” she says. During the day they are able to romp and play in any of the four yards, which vary in size.

The facility also has pools for dogs that love to swim.

Lunsford says that Web cameras are also set up around the facility, so that owners can log on to the camp’s Web site and keep an eye on their pets.

Camp Bow Wow, which occupies 12,000 square feet of space, has become a popular destination for local dogs.

Lunsford estimates that the company takes care of 70 to 90 dogs at a time. Each dog goes through an “interview” process before being accepted to Camp Bow Wow, due to the social atmosphere and safety regulations. The dogs are also required to be up-to-date on their vaccinations, and those over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered.

Information, 891-DOGS (3647), 2731 Tchoupitoulas St.,

Daycare for canines

Furnishings for life at Dop Antiques

Antique stores often have a romantic vibe, as the treasures within often have unique back-stories and come from far-off places or times. For Michiel Dop, owner of Dop Antiques, this holds especially true. Dop, a native of the Netherlands, met his wife, a native of New Orleans, when she was traveling 16 years ago. When he came to the States to visit her, he says, “she showed me around in New Orleans, and I got the idea of starting a wholesale business after seeing the stores on Magazine Street and Royal Street.”

His shop specializes in furniture, lighting, mirrors and building materials, as well as reproduction works. Items come from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Egypt, China and India, and Dop says they are all of the highest quality. “When you buy a well-made antique piece of furniture, you are buying something for life,” he says. “Most of the new furniture out there will fall apart after a few years and often costs even more in the first place.”

This month, he says Dop Antiques will have a selection of garden items, “but my containers are always very much mixed with different items.” Additionally, Dop has an in-house furniture builder who makes tables and tabletops.

“We also do our own refinishing and distressing of furniture to make them look like shabby chic Scandinavian or French pieces,” he says. Dop Antiques is open to dealers, interior decorators, designers, builders and retail customers.

Information, 300 Jefferson Highway, 231-3397.