Delta Festival Ballet

The Giacobbe Dance Academy

3351 Severn Ave. | Suite 304A | Metairie | 504.888.0931 | Artistic Directors: Joseph Giacobbe and Maria Giacobbe
Louisiana’s largest professional dance company has been performing in New Orleans and throughout the state since 1967. Its repertoire consists of over 50 ballets and divertissements, ranging from 19th century classics to popular rock ballets. The organization is strongly committed to arts-in-education, producing 40-50 public and in-school performances each year through programs such as the “Children’s Concert Series” and “Young Audiences.” The New Orleans Youth Ballet is a pre-professional division of the company where students receive professional training and performing experience.

Delta Festival Ballet is the resident ballet of the New Orleans Opera, and
collaborates annually with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. Our annual production of “Nutcracker” is the most elaborate in the region and has toured the state since 1981.

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